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Mom In Two Cultures

I can imagine how that anger must tap into all of the other stuff, too--anger at a society and culture that Just. Doesn't. Get. Our. Kids.

We work day in and day out to make sure our kids are okay, that their educators understand what the challenges and risks are, and that they are getting every possible support. We constantly push against schools that never do enough. It's relentless, but we do it...And, then, some a** has the nerve to do what that guy did. I hope, for his sake, that you never run into him anywhere. Ever.

[Incidentally, I think that's why I fight my insignificant battles so fiercely (http://www.momintwocultures.com/2012/08/dear-toms.html ). Sometimes I just can't bear the fact that I can't ever really fix a lot of what happens to my son...]

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