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Or better still publish his fucking name.


Yeah...I'd publish his name.
And press charges.
And then sue his ass.

But that's just me, imagining that it could have been one of my two boys.

All too easily.


You are a great mom. Now run the asshole over. Save the other kids from him.


Disgusting this man is a nutter, who should never be near children again.


I have a 6 year old daughter with ASD, I tell you I would be in jail for beating the life out of that man! I am so sorry for your son and for you!


I'm literally in tears, these sort of stories scare the hell out of me. I agree, publish the jerk's name.


Thanks everyone. He really is an asshole. We're doing everything we can to keep him from getting another job with kids, and DCFS is investigating his family. The wheels of justice are moving surprisingly fast. I'll keep you updated, and thanks so much for your support!!

jen page

so so sorry kai had to go through all of this and you too!!! hope he's doing well and everything is getting sorted out as far as mr X dick face gets what's coming to him. so thankful for those kids on the playground reporting the incident as quickly as they did!!


I'm so so so sorry. This is a horrible travesty to you, your family, and mostly Kai. I'm thrilled to hear what wonderful young children are watching out and speaking up. I'm happy tht the teacher took it so seriously. And I'm thrilled by the immediate reaction of the administrators and other agencies involved. This man, I agree, deserves a much bigger punishment than a loss of his job. I hope that the school can repair what must be a loss of faith in them for you. And I hope Kai can find something in school to like. Causes most of us "school people" want the kids to be happy members of our home away from home. I'm so sorry. Call me if you need ANYTHING.


Unbelievable and so horrific. I am so sorry. Your son knows you love him and he will heal from this with your love. It'll be okay.
But I'd sure as hell like to learn tae kwon do, so I could be that man to a pulp..


This just breaks my heart for your child and you. We are supposed to trust the system to help our kids. We trust them with the most innocent, loving little guys that can't even tell you what happens and things like this happen. I want to run him over with you. Several times. I also have a son with limited speech and no way to express himself and I saw myself in your shoes. I can't express how sorry I am for what happened to your baby.

Loving Para-Educator

As a para-educator, I want to say sorry. Sorry you got an immature asshole, that can't control his anger assigned to your son. I can't imagine how horrific this ordeal this must have been for you. However, some of us are damn good at our jobs and go home knowing that made a difference everyday. We somehow managed to find a creative ways of presenting that concept to that child allowing them to finally "get it". Usually for me it is converting all math problems to Thomas the Train problems. If you do get another aid for Kai, I hope it is a loving and knowledgeable one that will bend over backwards to make sure he has the best educational experience possible. Keep on being an excellent mom and advocate for your child!


I read, but never comment, but today when I read this I HAD to... my heart goes out to you and your family. I can't imagine the sheer rage, and then sadness over this you must have felt. I hope, sincerely, that this man more than pays for what he did. I'm so sorry your little one had to go through this.

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